A Blue Kitten for Nikki

A little bit of an old fashioned illustrated magazine look for Rain and the Blue Kitten

I’m trying to see if I can still do subjects that other people come up with. This one is cheating a little bit since Nikki just said her story about an imaginary kitten was blue. I’ll try to change it up once I get more info but this is what I’d do if I just had blue kitten.

Rain and her Grampy sans Blue Kitty

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4 Responses to A Blue Kitten for Nikki

  1. Patrick says:

    cool, and the tyke thinks its awesome… so two thumbs up ~ more Kitty

  2. Ellen says:

    Wait! Are you an artist, too???

  3. chikuba says:

    I spent a lot of time doing Architectural renderings. I’m not sure if that qualifies as an artist.

  4. Nicole says:

    Joe, I love the pic of Blue Kitty. We don’t really know what he looks like. All Mikala use to tell us was that he was a Blue Kitty. He went everywhere with us. She even had an imaginary friend name Blue Puppy and Pink Puppy, but they were not as important to her as Blue Kitty was.

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