The Superficial Gallery

What can I say about this wretched hive of scum and villainy? I’m not sure, suddenly I discovered I was a writer there. Never joke with Acadia he puts you to work.

Ok folks remember that the SG is an adult site so don’t go there if you’re easily offended. There will be nudity, sarcasm and adult themes. In my posts I talk about space toilets, murder mansions and how our favorite singing cowboy stuffed poor Trigger. If that’s your cup of tea click away and enjoy. Comment on the articles too. Acadia gets a big thrill when there are comments and he remembers to feed the writers when you do.

Trigger is for Sale – Roy Rodgers life is up for auction

File it under Just Wrong – Racism in the world today

We can rebuild you Steve Austin – The ultimate makeover show

The Seat is Up – More than you’d ever want to know about toilets

Hot Dog it’s a dog doll – Sex toys for dogs. What?

It’s a Bar Bet – Amaze your drunken friends

X-Ray Visions – The world would be different if those glasses actually worked

The Internet Pyramid – Healthy surfing based on the classic food pyramid

Stop Surfing and Go Outside – Well if you missed it because you were online you’re boned now.

Super Acadia and Evangeline – Yes Vange is that hot!

Row-Row-Row Your Boat – Long distance ocean rowing. Why?

Cast your vote for Wyclef Jean – Haiti, you know there’s a Cholera epidemic there right now.

Let’s join the parade – I’d like to feel warm and safe enough to ride in a parade nude

Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye – Eyball tattoos, now that’s extreme

Live from a sun drenched beach near you – The perfect tan

It’s too hot to be funny – Soon it will be too cold to be cogent

This book we call Face – More rambling about me than actually talking about Facebook.

Fish Sticks Fish Sticks eat them up yum – Who else would write about fish sticks?

Crazy Eddies Celestial Real Estate – Buy know while the property values are low.

Built for Murder – The Chicago fun house of death. To real to be a movie.

So long Cathy – Acks Cathy is pregnant. I knew it

Commie Candy Plot foils army – Dentists steal candy from the trick or treaters and send it to the Armed Services.

Superficial Movies


Resident Evil: Afterlife

The owls of Ga’hoolie

Let me In

Wicked little Things

The Legend of Hell House

Movie Moments of Fear – Movies that scared me not your ordinary Horror scares

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