Everyone be happy because I’ve got cookies

Like any child that prefers to play with the box Charlotte’s favorite toy is the stick she picked out from the woodpile as a puppy. Her second favorite is a milk bottle with a ball in it. The expensive toys from Petco just sit around gathering dust. The problem I have is that she thinks like a dog and anything she likes has to be hidden because SOMEONE ELSE MIGHT GET THEM. This is all very logical according to canine thinking but irritating when she’s looking for something to play with and everything is hidden. So weekly I have to go around and retrieve dog toys and put them in the Chinese urn where they belong.

This of course causes a great deal of anxiety because SOMEONE IS GETTING THEM. You’ve never seen such a sad dog when my ex tried to throw away stick and milk bottle. I had to secretly retrieve stick from the trash. Milk bottle gets replaced every time it gets too chewed up. Charlotte thinks it’s magic but before I digress too far into dog toys I’ll tell you I dropped stick squarely on Charlottes head.

CLONK it went and Charlotte did the don’t whip me no more daddy thing. Before you call the SPCA please be aware that the stick was dropped because somebody was jumping up and trying to get her dog toys. We have had discussions about jumping especially when I’m not feeling well, it’s like a forty five pound slab of muscle being thrown at you full force. Poor Charlotte she knows she’s been BAD for the jumping and I’ve thrown a stick at her. Her tail is between her legs and she’s looking to see If I’m going to throw hockey puck on a rope too. Well I have to fix this right away.

We have varying grades of dog cookies in the house. There are small biscuits for every day treats, beefy biscuits for special treats, peanut butter biscuits for extra good dog and peanut butter biscuits with actual peanut butter on them for those what the hell would I do without you moments. Going for the peanut butter biscuit box gets me a tail wag. Getting out the jar of peanut butter gets preemptive sitting, lying down and speaking so she’ll have all her commands done and I can give her the cookie right away. Cookies fix everything.

It got me to thinking. I wish I could fix people with cookies. Nikki and Jenny definitely need a peanut butter biscuit with peanut butter on it. Bill needs a whole soup bone at the moment. Ryan could do with a beefy stick. Katt would have to get one of the special organic biscuits from Bark Harbor for putting up with the Navy moving crew. If I’m giving out cookies I’m going to make everyone happy. Can’t give a cookie to Jenny and forget James and Devon. Penny and Purrdey deserve cookies for always cheering me up and the same for Kammi and Telltale. Patrick needs some snausages for reminding me that I have Jazz in the house. Chuck needs a bacon strip for always being there to help and Vickie for volunteering Chuck. I’m not sure where Becki and Kim are right now but I’m pretty sure Kim’s  Bailey, Tyson and Portia would take some. Heck I’m going to give cookies to everyone and get tails wagging from Germany to Idaho

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One Response to Everyone be happy because I’ve got cookies

  1. Penny says:

    thank you and make mine oatmeal raisin please

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