There are more things Horatio….

We’ve all seen the TV shows. There’s an attractive woman and she’s just an ordinary girl but secretly she has special powers and every week she solves a murder or saves the world. My favorite is Medium with Patricia Arquette. At the end of every show they always tell us that it is based on real people. This is 2010, there are maybe five people in the audience who don’t know life would be better if it was scripted. Everyone realizes it’s TV’s version of real. It’s like calling a Donald Duck cartoon a nature show because it’s got a duck in it. We’re all media savvy, when the Twilight Zone theme music starts playing we start looking for the man behind the curtain.

I’ve been a fan of Harry Houdini since I was a boy. He always wanted to believe in the great and powerful Oz but he kept looking for Professor Marvel hiding behind the curtain. That’s me, when someone says they can do a long distance healing for me I start thinking about Phillip K. Dick’s strange Pink Beam of Light and just how much acid he had to drop before the aliens started beaming at him pinkly. Still there’s no need to be rude and I’ve always wanted to meet the great and powerful Oz myself. So on July 7th at about 9:55 Ellen Gregg did a long distance Reiki reading and healing on me.

Reiki distance healing symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

I didn’t notice any special effects at 9:55. There was no pink beam of light, in fact around midnight I had a minor gall bladder attack. (In the spirit of disclosure I’m not supposed to have cheese and I had a slice on a turkey sandwich) What had me falling off the edge of my chair was the statement Ellen made after she was done:  “What I noticed: some heat and darkness from your mid-upper chest, some heat from your right side abdomen and some heat from your right heel.”  That’s three out of three from a distance of roughly 200 miles.

Ellen is a casual acquaintance of mine. She’s one of those people who pop up on Facebook after thirty years and says hi. In point of fact I thought she was someone else entirely when she did that. She would qualify for our TV show about the ordinary woman with a special talent: She’s an attractive woman who works as an office and business manager for a high school. She has appeared on stage as both an actor and a singer. She’s got a wide array of interests: She sews, she writes, she even won a local Iron Chef competition. In case you’re thinking “casual?” I have to tell you that I had to ask for some bio information. Aside from seeing that she Ya-Ya’s and has a big circle of friends and family I don’t know much about her at all.

So how did she know about these three locations on my body without knowing anything about my physical condition or indeed not much about me at all. Ellen is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner with a Master Teacher certificate soon to come.  She has been trained in Reiki distance healing. According to Reiki practitioners time and distance have no meaning as Reiki energy is sent from one person to another. Ellen herself says she was skeptical about distance Reiki at first. Since it was a requirement to perform a certain number of distance readings to move on in her training she took a deep breath and tried it. Her first volunteer reported great success. Ellen told me her response was: “Really. How could this possibly be. It just was. I finally accepted it, but it doesn’t prevent me from getting goosebumps every time I send a report to a distant client and they reply with a “How did you know?” or “I haven’t told anyone about that.”

“How did you know? I haven’t told anyone about that.” Exactly what I was saying myself. It was time for me to look for the man behind the curtain.

For more than 20 years the United States military had a budget of seventy million dollars a year for the purpose of psychic research with a special emphasis on “remote viewing.” We all know that the United States government is thrifty and frugal which might be why no Men in Black have ever shown up to take a look at Ellen. I’d have to ask some questions on my own and try to apply a little logic.

First I dismissed, ” some heat and darkness from your mid-upper chest” It’s accurate but I mentioned being scared of the re-occurrence of the large pockets of alien goo that were causing my earlier magnesium and iron deficiency.  Any good con artist would have said I had pains in my chest.

Second I had to reluctantly dismiss, “some heat from your right side abdomen,” As I said before I had an attack at midnight that very night in that exact area. The problem is that conceivably Ellen could have been monitoring every word I’ve posted on the internet for the last two years. I’m not such an egoist to believe that but the spirit of Houdini said it had to go.

Last was, “some heat from your right heel,” This is what has Houdini and I interested. I don’t think even my brother knows I burned my heel in a motorcycle accident. Furthermore due to my severe illness I dropped off the edge of the world for about two years. There are only three people I can think of that know about both my heel and the Pancreatitis. I’m pretty sure my Doctor wouldn’t risk a malpractice suit over a HIPAA violation. Kim Mayfield, who’s been following this with interest, reports that when she asked Ryan he said, “I’d forgotten about that.” Vickie has no conceivable connection to Ellen and is so busy right now I doubt you’d be able to get her own name out of her if you were trying to pump her for information about me.

I spent a good hour questioning Ellen about possible connections. In the end I proved fairly conclusively that we’d have a better chance of connecting her to Kevin Bacon in six degrees than me. So what happened Wednesday night? I just don’t know. Ellen isn’t a con artist passing out faith healing for cash with a shill in the audience. We have to dismiss two of the locations she focused on in my session but I don’t seriously think she knew about them before she started. It is, as William Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, a case of, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

I asked Ellen so many questions about this that I’ve got enough for a second page continue  reading for Ellen’s thoughtful commentary on Reiki.

Ellen can be contacted on her website Healing Heart: Healing through Reiki

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2 Responses to There are more things Horatio….

  1. Nicole says:

    Wow, Joe, that is pretty impressive. This post made me even more interested in Reiki.

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