Cabinet of Curiosities

Why did you guys encourage me? Five whole people looked at my babbling about the odd habits of my childhood where the natives torched cars on giant bonfires to celebrate the Fourth of July. Don’t you know that’s like passing out free samples to a junkie? Worse still Brian mentioned toothpaste pumps. You know those paste dispensers comprising an elongated tubular body with a central bore and a following plate……….Nah you don’t really want to know about all the minor engineering marvels that make the world fun today. Why do we have toothpaste pumps now? Colgate was slow adopting the laminated plastic tube so they jumped on the opportunity to market their same old paste in a new premium package. The eighties were the time of pump wars where toothpaste ninjas were employed by all the major players. Either that or it was one of those industry things that nobody really cares about but hey we can all dispense a measured amount of toothpaste with one hand now.

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4 Responses to Cabinet of Curiosities

  1. Jenny Beans says:

    I NEVER use a pump. Still use a tube… Take that conglomerate punks.

  2. Nicole says:

    I don’t mind using the tubes until it starts to get gunky on the top. Then my OCD kicks in and I get all grossed out and can’t touch it. Thank you kids for not cleaning it when you use it. It’s because of you that mommy wastes tubes of toothpaste.

  3. Patrick says:

    I squeeze the tube in the middle cause thats how I squeeze.. er roll..

    That appears to be a picture of diaphragm pump, sold a lot of those to the car wash boyos over the years. You could get toothpaste at 100psi outta that baby ~ talk a bout foaming brush>_<

    • chikuba says:

      That’s right. It’s a air-operated diaphragm drum pump with particulate capability for the people who buy their toothpaste fifty gallons at a time.

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