Fourth of July

It’s the Fourth of July, a good place to start a blog. I can hear the horseshoes ringing next door. It’s nostalgia season; They used to have a huge bonfire with a car on top of it in Kingston, NH when I was a kid. It was better than the fireworks waiting for the car to crash when the pile of railroad ties collapsed. The world moves on though and I can’t imagine any town doing something that dangerous now. Instead I’ll go down and try to see the Bar Harbor fireworks from the rocks. It’s traditional that the fog come in and cover the show too so maybe I’ll just sit on my porch and bark at them with Charlotte.

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5 Responses to Fourth of July

  1. Jenny Beans says:

    A burning car? Now that’s a freedom show. Last night we started building new memories at the fireworks in the next town over. It was a beautiful thing, but sometimes it’s hard to dispel the nostalgia of our youth. Here when I was a kid, they used to do a big local fireworks blowout at the Lycoming Mall. A parking lot filled with families in their cars, screaming kids wrapped in their jammies while they lit up the night. Now, everyone sits in the field or outside the Wegman’s in Williamsport for fireworks, and getting home is a traffic nightmare. *le sigh*

  2. chikuba says:

    I was looking for some photos. The bonfire was 30 to 50 feet high. They timed it to collapse around midnight so it was the one night a year us screaming kids got to stay up.

  3. Vickie McCarty says:

    Last night, my clan and I walked down to Washington St. to view the fireworks. There’s nothing quite like watching the awe and amazement of a 6 year old child as she sees the fireworks display for the first time. Or the older child lighting sparklers with her grandfather. Nostalga in the making. I’ve never experienced car bonfires. Oddly enough, there were 3 bales of hay to sit on, right in the heart of Bangor, ME. It’s definately the small joys that generate pure enjoyment in this current dystopia. Thus say I.

  4. Nicole says:

    I love the memories of my youth…well, some of them. Some I’d rather do away with and never think of again.

    Back when I was little, we ALWAYS went to Sanford for their fireworks display. Back then, we had carnival rides, animals, tons of food booths, you name it. Now it sucks. So we’ve been trying to find a new place for the past couple of years. We’ve tried out Rochester, Portsmouth and York Harbor. York Harbor is the best. Portsmouth is great, but you end up with remnants of the fireworks in your hair.

    One of these days, I’m heading to Mount Washington to watch them. It’s supposed to be fantastic.

    • chikuba says:

      You know I was just looking at this and I remember my cousin Alice getting burned by a chunk of firework at the Portsmouth show. How many years have they been getting away with that?

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